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Food supplements


With the nutritional supplements from Medosan you are using the very best for your physical wellbeing. Our products contribute to supplying the human metabolism with higher quantities of specific nutrients and active ingredients.

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Cranberry Syrup

The natural solution for weak bladders.

Cranberry Capsules

Life is much easier without the urge to go to the toilet.


The vital treatment for muscle cramps, a weak immune system, fatigue and listlessness.


OPC Plus Vitalaktiv capsules

OPC supports the effect of vitamins and micronutrients and strengthens the immune system.

Elderberry capsules

In addition to supporting the immune system and strengthening the immune system. Rich in vitamin C and other health-promoting ingredients.

Vitamin D3/magnesium capsules

Ensure a sufficient supply of your body with vitamin D and magnesium. You can do so efficiently, conveniently and easily with ImmunoFit D3/Magnesium capsules.