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Foot and leg care


Feet are rarely given the attention that they basically deserve. They carry us our whole life, take us wherever we want to go and are often trapped in socks and shoes.

Treat your feet to some well deserved time out. Aching, dry feet become soft and fresh again in no time at all with our Pedosan products.

We also offer a quick remedy for nail problems with Nail-Fix.

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MedoFix heel and finger care

Cares for cracked skin on hands and feet.

Foot mask

Intensively rapairing socks for a moment of relaxation and for the care of dry and rough feet.


An instant remedy for ingrowing toe nails.

Ex-Veins legspray

Helps tired legs – immediately and everywhere.

Light Legs gel

Against heavy and tired legs and for strong veins.


Proven nail treatment liquid against fungi that cause lime nails.